Animate Pro 2 Keyframe problems

Hi Everyone!

I love everything about animate pro 2 except one thing.

Lets say I create a frame in square 1

Then I create a hand drawn frame in frame 10

Frame 1 then becomes 1-9

I want it to just stay 1 with blanks inbetween 1 and 10

This would allow me to create hand drawn keyframes much more easily and would help my workflow.

I’ve seen tutorials for more recent versions of toon boom but I was hoping there was a setting to change this in animate pro 2.

Here is an example of the problem at the 16:25 mark

Thanks everyone!

This feature is not in Animate Pro. It autofills inbetween when new drawing is created. Only available in new Harmony.
If you want to insert keys after autofill, use either create empty drawing or duplicate drawing (all in toolbar menu) may compensate.