Animate Pro 2 Gray window

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Animate Pro 2 and am trying to learn it after learning Studio v 6.

I am scanning in a scene and have discovered that the animation window is light gray. My drawings have scanned in as black lines and all is animating, however when I export to a quicktime or hit the render view button, I get a whole lot of black screen.

Is there something I am not setting up correctly? A “turn on the light” button that needs to be flipped on? Please forward me to any info if this a common question.

Thank You in Advance,


hey Jim

i found that too. ( i was always drawing in black )

at the bottom, beside the timeline, hit the plus sign ( add layers button )
and add a colour card …you will see the default white ( you can change it to any colour you like )

the reason it’s black because it’s an alpha render at this stage ( your lines are vectorized …guessing if you check it off as you scanned the image, haven’t scanned much into animate )

so you will just have to fill in the empty spaces (enclosed space) with colour later on :slight_smile:

hope that helps


Thanks Steve,

I didn’t know about that, but I did make another layer and enlarged a retangle and filled in with white paint. Then everything worked.

Thanks again,