Animate Pro 2 Brush Problems

I was using Animate Pro for a while now without problems, but lately, I’ve been having problems with the Brush tool.
Very often, when I draw lines (I use a tablet, so pressure sensitivity and stuff is on), the cursor keeps moving, but the circle of the brush stops halfway, my laptop whirrs up, thinking, then the line I was drawing either:
-ends at the breaking point,
-draws a mechanically straight line between the breaking point and the end point (this is the most common)
-the line doesn’t appear at all save for the starting dot, which happens more often when the line I was drawing was very short in the first place.
This makes drawing very long and very frustrating because I have to redraw lines way more often than I’d have to otherwise.

I didn’t have this problem before, and I used this program on the same laptop before. I defaulted the settings, but it didn’t help.
I’m reinstalling right now, see if it helps, but it’d be good to know how to fix this.

Hi, Zoju,
Please try to delete all tablet drivers except for the one powering your current tablet.
Next, delete all tablet preference files on the system (tablet.dat, tablet.pref, wacom.dat, wacom.pref).
Redo all your tablet preferences using the tablet utility.

Avoid changing screen resolution because this can cause the preferences to become unset and you would
need to repeat the last two steps when this happens. It may help to rename the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro\full-900-pref
and to redefine your Animate Pro 2 preferences as a last step.


I’ll try, but the problem doesn’t appear when I draw in Photoshop or Flash, so I don’t think it’s tablet-related.

The problem still exists.

Hie, I made a Post on it, So maybe it will help you.