Animate Pro 2 and dissabling wintab drivers

Hello, I have been testing Animate Pro 2 and storyboard pro trials on my new tablet PC (N-trig not wacom). I found out that Storyboard pro works very well with pressure if I disable the “wintab drivers” via preferences.

Now the problem is that Animate Pro does not offer such option. Therefore my tablet response is pretty bad. I believe that Toon Boom UI for both might be QT SDK.

Let me explain the importance to this for those who are figuring out why their N-trig digitizers dont work well on the Animate line of products unlike the Studio and storyboard Pro.

When disabling “Wintab” and restarting the application toon boom will connect to Microsoft INK drivers in which N-trig is based on. Therefore the software will perform well. Although N-trig did made a wintab driver fix, it doesn’t work on Toon Boom.

So the question is will Eventually Toob Boom add the ability of disabling wintab option as Storyboard pro does?


I too have been having some PC tablet issues and pressure works for me with Autodesk Sketchbook and works when I disable winTab in Storyboard pro. However when I open Animate Pro it won’t accept pressure sensitivity.

PS - I am running Win 7 on the Samsung Series 7 slate.

This support for WinTab was something relatively new that was added to Storyboard Pro. We’ve had a couple of requests to populate this feature to the other products, and I’ve passed those requests along so that we can discuss how best to implement this.


That sounds a little complicated. I would ask some of its support if I were in the position.