Animate Pro 2 and 3: Forward/Backward compatibility?

I can’t find the information in the forums or product specs, but can I open Animate Pro 2 projects in Animate Pro 3? And likewise, can I open Animate Pro 3 projects in Animate Pro 2? Perhaps with the newer features diabled? This is something I would need to know before upgrading. Can any dev team folks answer this?

Not sure about V3 projects in V2 but I can open my AP2 projects in AP3 fine. Everything’s there, in order and all my drawings are labelled.

Good to hear, thank you!

My studio is using Animate Pro 2 and not ready to upgrade. I am ready to upgrade my home license to Animate Pro 3 for personal and freelance work, but I’d still like be able to work from home with our files.

Hi mikeK,
On the resources page you can download a cut-out animation scene with bone deform. It looks to be made with AP3. If you can open it and play around with it in AP2 I’d say you’d be good to go!


EDIT: Looking through all posts on the forum re: similar topics you CAN"T open files made with a newer version of the software in the older version. You could, however, open animate files in animate pro. Hope that helps!

I downloaded the minotaur animation and opened it up in Animate Pro 2. It opened, and I get the audio file in the timeline and exposure sheets, but no artwork makes its way through. Looks like I’ll have to wait for the studio to upgrade before I make the move myself. That minotaur sounds like a real jerk!