Animate pro 1 license return

Hello, toon boom
I have return my license of animate pro 1 today. I would like to know if anyone knows when I will get my new product code for anime pro 2.
One of my friend sent an email yesterday. Untill now, no answer yet.
We really need our product code to work


Did you follow the procedure to return the license code, then send an email to notifying them that you had returned the code?

You should have a temporary 15-day license key for Animate Pro 2 that is supposed to be used to tide you over until the licensor can get back to you. Usually they should get back to you within 24 hours during the week.

Here is the link to the proper procedure for upgrading to Animate Pro 2:�-Upgrading-from-Animate-Pro-version-1?402

Toon Boom Support

I followed the procedure to return the license code.
I sent an email to
I received an email telling me that my code was an animate 2 code.
When I put my number into the licence wizard. No problem but when I start the software, here is the message displayed.

Uploaded with

Could you help me?

I’m afraid that you’ll need to resolve this by sending an email to or to so that they can verify your account information directly. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do without being able to verify that information.

The only thing I can suggest is that you log on to your user account and verify that you’re inputting the correct license code.

Toon Boom Support