Animate points in polyline?

Is it possible to animate the individual points in a polyline shape?

For example, I created a simple triangle and would like to animate the shape changing slightly. I tried morphing one triangle into another, but Animate’s default morphing breaks-up the shape so that it is not even a triangle for parts of the morphing sequence.


you need to set the anchor points correctly. I am still having trouble using morphing it is by far the hardest tool in animate to use well.

I don’t know how you want to change the shape slightly but you know you can you use the scale and rotate tool in with the animate transform tool to deform?

A better example is a 5-sided figure. Suppose I’d like to move only 1 of the points in the polyline. In this case, stretching will move all of the points.

Hmm, I think morphing with “hints” might be what I have to do, since I’ve been googling and binging, and can’t find anyone else who animates the points in a polyline.

It’s not possible to animate just parts of a drawing. The animation tool works on the drawing as a whole.

As I see it, there are two options. Your more likely option is to use the morphing tool. There are various hints, probably the most useful one in this case would be contour hints, that can help you achieve the effect you’re looking for. There is some useful information regarding morphing in the User Guide, that you can access through the help menu.

The only other way of doing it would be to separate the object onto several different drawing layers. If you’re doing something like a triangle, you could have one edge on each layer. You could then animate them individually. This could easily get complicated, however, so I’d give the morphing tool another go before trying this route.

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