Animate PLE won't relaunch

I’m trying out Animate, using the PLE version.
I created a walking character (a symbol) and saved him as a template.
To test the usability of this template, I created a new project, pulled the character template onto the stage, and the walking cycle worked.
Then I tried to go into edit of the symbol (double clicked on the character), and ZAP, Animate unexpectedly quit.
Now it won’t open anymore. I double clic, and it quits immediately.
Rebooted machine, nothing doing. Quit, quit, quit.

I am running MacOSX 10.5.6 on an Intel machine.

any idea?

Following my previous post…
I just unpacked the Disk Image again and re-dragged the app into the App folder.
It quit again e couple of times upon clicking the template. Now it seems to work again.
Thought you might like to know.

The app is great, I really like it. Pity it’s doesn’t have a Scene Manager.
TBS has it, why shouldn’t Animate? This is a very great minus in an otherwise very good product.