Animate PLE to Animate Pro

Hi, I cannot open my PLE file in Animate Pro. I gives me the error:


“The followin errors have occured: Cannot open an empty project. Adding an default empty scene.

Syntax Error at line 1: Unrecognized attribute (<)”


Thanks for your time!

You can’t open PLE projects in Animate or Animate PRO. From the PLE page :

“The PLE restricts users to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images, as well as the use of a special non-commercial file format (please note that projects done in this version can only be opened in the PLE version)”

This means effectively that all the hard work I have been doing when evaluating is gone after I decide to purchase commercial version… why you punish me for paying money to you?

To stop companies buying one seat to render and everyone else using the evaluation copy.

It also says it pretty clearly when you download the ple