Animate PLE crashes when importing a 7 minute video.

Can you not import a 7 minute video into Animate PLE? Does it work with the full retail version? It says there’s not enough memory. I am running a Windows 7 64bit Dell Precision with 8gb of memory. It can pretty much do anything I throw at it except this. Even Flash can do this. Am I missing something? We’re trying to evaluate purchasing it for a show. No I do NOT want Harmony.

The PLE version’s limitations are described on the page where you find the download link for the PLE version and they are:

PLE Limitations:
Designed to learn, not for commercial use
Toon Boom logo watermark added on each frame
Projects created using the PLE editions are not compatible with full retail versions

Importing a movie into Animate requires the movie be extracted into a series of bitmaps and the audio file. The amount of memory this requires depends on the resolution of movie and project along with the length of the movie and the frame rate of the project. Once imported it also creates “small” versions of these bitmaps as proxies for allowing less memory to be used by the program and for better responsiveness while animating in the software.

The solution if your system is running out of memory is to perhaps break the movie into two parts before importing. It’s possible that the memory being mentioned is your graphic card’s memory which may not be high enough to allow loading all the bitmaps.