Animate PLE crashes a lot on XP


love the idea of this software, but am being put off buying the full version as this program crashes all the time.

I am using this on a Dell Precision 390 Workstation, Quad Core, 4 GB of Ram with hardly any other software installed, so the system is fast and no chance of a memory issue. Also tried using on my other system, a IBM Intellestation and get the same result.

I am using XP on both systems.

I also run on dual monitors and a Cintiq.

It happens randomly and the program crashes and asks if I would like to send the error.

Really hope someone can help me here, as this Personal Learning Edition is not up to scratch.

Please is there a patch or a fix for this???

Hello… hello… is anyone out there???

Still no response from anyone at Toon Boom?

Not really instilling confidence in me to buy this product guys.


Hi - What graphic card do you have on your machines? Is the OS 32bit?
What action is done directly before the crash? Is there an error message?
This info will help solve your issue as the PLE has been tested and proven stable when used on computers which meet the system requirements :


I looked at system requirements. Does this mean I can not use a AMD dual core processor? Animate crashes randomly on my system as well, on windows xp64 with AMD cpu.

I wonder if the problem might be with my cintiq12wx, when I use this I get a lot of crashes. The resolution on the cintiq does not meet the minimum spec.

graphics card is NVIDIA QUADRO4 980 XGL

Toon Boom should look into supporting the Cintiq12wx (if this is not the case) as a lot of amateur animators will be using these.

The resolution on the cintiq does not meet the minimum spec? Which spec is that? I just see Wacom listed as option for drawing.

the spec for monitor (according to Toon Boom) is 1280 x1024 resolution, the cintiq 12wx has a max of 1280 x 800, so maybe this is the problem, but also may not be???

I also have had problems with animate crashing on my puter running XP. Its a Dell inspiron 9400 running intel core 2 T7400 CPU with 2 GB of Memory and a Cintiq 12wx

just save, save, save…

The resolution requirement is more what is recommended since a lower resolution makes your views pretty thight.

I had worked a bit with the Cintiq 12 inch and it didn’t seem to crash.

AMD should be fine however it is not officially supported on 64bit.

For dreamworken and watertigre remember that the graphic card should be supported (NVIDIA chips).

just upgraded to a Cintiq 21UX cost me a fortune, and got it especially for Toon Boom, still crashing all the time though. Does the same on Toon Boom Digital Pro (educational license)

What is going on, is it my setup or is it a fault with Toon boom?

You don’t mention if you are in 64 bit or 32 bit.

Also the Quadro4 has 128 mb of memory only I think, this might be low especially if you use it on dual monitor plus a Cintiq setup.

Did you upgrade your driver for the graphic card? Make sure you have the latest.

In your Preference> OpenGl > Normally the Use Alternate Gradient and Cutter should be on for that card but you could try turning it off to see if it crashes more or less.

Can you pinpoint what you are doing when it crashes? Do you have really heavy vector drawings? Do you have big bitmap images? Is it only with the pen?