Animate - Playback questions

Animate on Mac OS-X 10.6

1) According to the documentation, hitting Enter starts the playback - but it does not work on my system. Should I be clicking anywhere specific on the screen to enable the Enter key?
2) So… I click the ‘forward’ arrow icon on the playback toolbar each time, but the playback head does not move! I am doing this while listing to the sound track, but because the red bar of the playhead does not move, it is very difficult to figure out on which frame I stopped (have to switch to the Xsheet pane. I am probably doing something wrong but could not find the settings.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Ezra,

Which set of shortcuts are you using by default? The Flash shortcuts, or the Toon Boom shortcuts?

You can find this out by going to Animate > Preferences > Shortcuts tab. What does it say under the dropdown list?

If you have Flash shortcuts set up, then hitting Enter should make it play when your focus is in the camera view. Depending on which shortcuts you have turned on, you can always double-check what the shortcut is set to. Expand the General category then scroll down to “Toggle Playback”. What is the shortcut set to? You could remap this to Enter if it’s not set to enter already.

The playhead won’t update as the movie is playing - however it will show the final location after it has finished playing. This is something that has been improved upon for Animate 2 - now you do see the playhead moving as the movie is playing.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks Lilly!

Flash was not my default, and as soon as I made it the default hitting Enter works! A small thing, but it makes a lot of difference. and indeed the playback head at least moves to the stop point, which is better. Looking forward for a ‘live’ playback head


Best Regards,