Animate on the Modbook

Hey All!
Is anyone using Animate on the Modbook (or a pre-unibody MacBook)?
I wondered if the Nomad system was a special set-up with modified software requirements, or if Animate and Storyboard can run on the 1280 by 800 screen even though system requirements say otherwise.
I would like to run Animate on a Modbook (at least as an option, not exclusively), but I’m thinking it’s not a possibility.
Am I right, or is it possible?
Someone please prove me wrong.


Ok - I just got it! It’s the required printer issue. It’s in the knowledge base:

Anyway, I was having the issue of crash on startup with my modbook and later with a macbook pro.

Lilly - thanks for all that you do! I have been enjoying your tutorials for Animate. I apologize for not being completely clear with what actual problem I was having, but I was assuming it had to do with video card or monitor since I was lacking in those areas according to the system requirements.

Thanks again for all you do!


Well there are a few things that can go wrong if you don’t meet the System Requirements. When it comes to resolution, what will happen is that some of the menus might get cut off or not display properly. But more important than this is to make sure that your graphics card meets the requirements, because you may run into issues if your graphics card doesn’t fully support OpenGL.

The best thing to do is download the trial versions of Animate and Storyboard, load these onto your computer, and try them out! You should notice graphics problems right away and this will let you evaluate whether the resolution is truly too small to work effectively.


Thanks for the feedback!

The video tutorials are actually Shabana, so I’ll forward your thanks to her!