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I think it would be great if the Toon Boom people would join forces with and put out a course that would cover the Animate software group. What are others thoughts on this endeavor? The Tip of the week on youtube has been very helpful, thank you for that service.

I’m a big fan of and have subscribed to them for years. However, via surveys they’ve sent me and direct e-mails that I’ve sent them, I’ve suggested/requested several times that they stop ignoring 2D animation and create tutorials for programs like Toon Boom Animate and TVPaint Animation. They heavily favor 3D animation with tutorials for Blender, Carrara, Maya, 3dsMax, and Cinema 4D. The only 2D animation tutorials they offer are for Flash and After Effects, which is fine, but obviously there are other popular programs that are designed specifically for animation and deserve some attention. doesn’t seem to be aware how many feature film productions are being created with Toon Boom software. Perhaps it would help if TB enlightened them.

I should also mention that offers very well-produced tutorials for Toon Boom Studio and Anime Studio Pro.

As far as Animate is concerned, however, I think the lengthy series of video tutorials that Toon Boom have created is fantastic. I have to wonder how the folks at could possibly come up with something better. Also, you should check out Adam Phillips @ and his YouTube channel for some great TBA tutorials, if you haven’t already.