animate on laptop and desktop

you should be able to use your licence on both laptop and desktop right?

Hi TheRaider,

Nope… it will only allow you to use on one or the other at a time. Say that you have it installed on your desktop and want to use it on your laptop, you first have to de-activate the program on your desktop; after you have deactivated on your desktop, then you can activate it on your laptop and vica versa… but it won’t let you have both activated at the same time.


oh okay, but you can switch the licence back and forth as you wish?

How do you deactivate?

Yes, it will allow you to switch back and forth. I’m not at the computer that I have the program installed on, but if I recall correctly, you can access the license manager from either your logon screen or from your Windows programs folder.


:-\ Hey, I do not want to b%#ch, but this is a real pain! I have never owned an art software that you pay good money for and have a license for but cannot be put on your desktop and laptop at the same time! Sometimes you need to work in a differnt area or out of town. I hope maybe this can be changed in the near future! Thanks for letting me vent! :frowning: