Animate on 2s?


I’ve got a cut-out style character I’m animating (in Harmony Premium) and have a pretty basic question about animating on 2s…

I know you animate the character and then there is the option in the timeline to “create keyframes on…” to change it to 2s or whatever you want.

My question is, can you set it somewhere so you are animating on 2s from the start?
It seems like animating, then changing what you’ve done to 2s, then adjusting your animation is an extra step that might be avoidable?

I’m animating with a friend that uses Anime Studio and in that app you can set the timeline so you’re animating on 2s right from the start. Not having to convert what you’ve done later.

Any suggestions or comments are much appreciated. Thanks!

X-Sheet Menu / Exposure / Hold Exposure / Hold 2 Cells.
Start drawing.

Thanks for that tip but I guess to be more specific, I’m looking for positional/rotation/scaling keyframing on 2s and not exposure.

Maybe it’s not possible the way I’m thinking (the Anime Studio way) and the only way is convert your animation that’s on 1s to 2s (using “create keyframes on” button) and then adjust the animation as needed. I was hoping there was a way to get rid of that 3rd step.

There is a script called “Convert To 2s”:

Not sure if this one does what you’re looking for ? Haven’t tried it myself yet.

Cool! Just tested it out and I think this does the trick. Thanks a bunch for your help!!!

I was looking for the same thing, thanks a lot! Is there a way to toggle scripts on and of somehow? I’m completely new to this, so I have no idea about the possibilities.

Was there a reason why you didn’t want to use the Create Keyframes tool? I’ve not used it yet, but am hoping it will accurately convert my animation to 2’s keeping the eases from the curves.