Animate Ocean

Hello, Wondering if they’re any tutorials out there on how to animate an ocean surface? Not, underwater or sea bed. Just a realistic ocean surface. Using the effects in Toon Boom. Grateful thanks.

Well, creating an animated ocean surface with Toon Boom effects only, might be a hard bargain.

Try Elemental Magic, the art of special effects animation, by Joseph Gilland.

Have a look at Fantasia’s Sorcerers’s Apprentice from Walt Disney.
Water animation in perfection.

Or, try it very basic, with some moving parts of cardboard.

Or, try and add a caustic-effects layer, volumetric-surface-lighting.

Thank you so much for your reply. I know how to do hand drawn animation. So I do understand the principles. I just thought there was a way of doing it, with the effects within the software to save time. I’m grateful.