Animate Licencing questions-

Animate licencing:-

the NEW method of software licencing for this product seems okay but it maybe clunky when you compare it to toonboom studio’s serial number method…it of course depends on how you work…but say i have toonboom on my desktop workstation i can also install it on my tablet pc to take out of the house and work at other locations, be that friend’s houses or other work places/clients at a whim…

with animate i read you have to de authorise your copy then install on another pc and get a new authorise code to unlock and use it on another pc…this is via the net…not sure if that’s automated responses or need to be handled by a human at the other end…and if it’s more of i have a new pc so need it on my new pc rather than i want to take Animate out for the day then put it back in the evening on my desktop…

it may work just fine…though until someone buys and starts using it and reports back i’m a bit concerened about possible delays if getting Animate moved and if it’s robust enough to move everyday if needed or if toonboom will flip out at someone want that kind of unlock/relocking so often…

anyone in admin want to elaborate on this for freelancers moving their installs around often?

note- autodesk have a similar software lock but you can move the install with no major hassles …so Animate’s softlock may work just fine…

Autodek 3dsmax ‘subscribers’ have the added bonus of a @home AND @work install of 3dsmax so there’s no real need to ‘move’ as i have 3dsmax on my desktop workstaion AND a laptop…anything like this for buyers who opt for the support contract maybe?

I would almost say that if we are going to do that, then maybe just give me a dongle.

Some of the audio related software that I use permits you to authorize two computers with the agreement that you only use it on one computer at a time. Those authorizations are tied to the specific machine by fingerprinting the hd and other hardware. If you want to go beyond the two (or whatever the particular programs permit) then you have to de-authorize something first, but you don’t have to do it on a regular and daily basis just because you want to take your laptop out the door with you.

Even Vue is moving away from the floating license with Vue7 Infinite. I would think being able to enable a main and a notebook would be fair and is kind of standard.

Ultimately I trust that TB know what they’re doing and that a lot of thought has gone into this and that it will therefore be transparent and convenient to the user as well as ‘safe’ for TB.

It’s an automated process. You just have to use the License Wizard to return the license and then on the other machine add the licence again in the wizard. You don’t have to remove the software in either place. As long as you have a short time on the internet you’re ok since it just contacts TB’s license server for a short time.

okay that sounds pretty workable to me.


steve g

Yes, that sounds reasonable. Thanks!

I would still vote for a dongle. I tend to ping around from Tablet PC to workstation to office laptop to ultraportable slate for discrete use in boring meetings and the dongle is perfect. Instant transfer from one machine to another and, as far as I can tell, near perfect anti-piracy protection for Toon Boom. I do have it attached to my old driver’s license because the dongle is so darn tiny!