Animate... Learning curve

Just grabbed Animate tonight… and already have a quick and simple scene up and running.
I never thought this could be so easy… but with all the power Animate has, its a little daunting putting the software to its full potential!
LOVE the product, now I’m off to learn how to use it all!

Congrats, I guess some of us ‘ahem’ older peeps are having a little bit of a harder time with it. I think If I had never used flash this would be a little easier. Just so used to it that my brain can’t accept that this thing works differently, but I know overall this is the better program for animation so I am trying to be patient.

Like right now I am dissecting that Timba character from the tutorials, and I can’t figure out if the lines are fills or lines. I Know this tops the stupid questions list but anyone know how to tell?

Also, do most of you convert your lines to fills? or do you just draw with the brush tool?

I assume you mean the difference between brush strokes and pencil lines?

you can freely convert them in the drawing menu and when you click to edit is obvious which is which (for pencil lines you see the line down the middle, for brush strokes points around the outside).

When you fill an object (like a circle) the fill in the middle is counted as a brush stroke.

It is a matter of work flow. I imagine most people using tablets/coming from traditional drawing backgrounds use the brush tool.

I prefer using the line tool and editing that and the contours then if i want a tappered line I will convert to brush stroke. My animations are fairly simple so generally pencil lines are perfect for me.

The best thing about pencil lines is you can easily adjust the size of the line at any time.

I agree, I like using the Line Tool then convert it to Fills and adjust the line weight. Curious Raider can I see some of the work you’ve done in Animate anywhere online? Thanks for the response.

Not yet but I am working on it!

Currently I am working on a video clip for a song based on the Eygption book of the dead. Basically it meant to be an animated version of the text(thus i am trying to make it look like parchment). I am also trying to do a webisode series comedy on a family of aliens living on Earth which will follow shortly (I have done all the characters in animate/main scenes/theme songs/voices so it shouldn’t take me too long to get to them out because of heavy reuse). Considering on reception, potential market etc I might also make some animate tutorials cause with the exclusion of the ones with animate I found barely anything online that is good and pretty much nothing step by step where you get to see everything. I mean I like the tutorials with animate but they skip over a lot of stuff (i think in part because the tutorials double as an advertisment for toonboom giving users a good idea of what you can do with it).

You can hear my song at (it is the second one “Book of the Dead”. Ignore the first one I really hammer the piano on it and am going to get it recorded soon (along with a string section)

Here are a few screen grabs (the top left is just the setup of that scene and is the last one I have to animate before I can put it up on youtube).

Wow seems like you have a lot on your plate. The pictures below look great. If you make some Animate tuts I’m there bro! Please let me know if you put them up. I agree with the tuts that are up now being kind of short and skip alot of key points that can make or break your project. I seem to have a tough time with the easy stuff but the easier time with the harder stuff.

The song sound really good. Major plus when you can compose your own music.
Looking foward to seeing some of your work in the near future, keep me posted!

yeah i do :slight_smile:

but it is largely complete.I am pretty happy with where i am at.

I am more the other way, better at music. Making the video clip was a detour i probably shouldn’t of taken hahaha(since i am keen on my webisode idea).

I will post when it is ready top put up so you can see.