Animate is supposed to be Studio on Steroids, right?

I crossgraded to Animate from Studio because I had thought Animate was a more advanced version of Studio. According to the feature matrix and version comparison, ANimate has everything Studio has, and more. Except…

There are no bones. Oh, there are bones for IK and FK, but not necessarily bones we can make ourselfs to bend and animate a single photo or shape, as Studio can do. Is this accurate, or am I merely missing something…

I realize there probably isn’t an official answer to this, but any idea when this might be? I recently cross-graded this weekend, so I dont know when it was officially relased… And I really wish I had those bones… ;D

Is there any way to share data back and forth between Studio and ANimate? Hmmm, since I did cross-grade, I am legally able to still use both applications, right?

well you can’t open studio files directly in Animate.

However some people export their drawings as flash and import them into animate that way.

I tried this flash import thing yesterday, and my results were rather disappointing. There is a free 9 GIG download of Flash assets for an online cartoon called Odd Job Jack.

I have this download, so I opened up one of the character files , (.fla flash file), put just one non-animated characters on the “stage”, exported it out to a SWF file, then imported it into TBA, and each and every piece imported as a seperate layer, and as far as I could tell each body piece contained cells with every other body part. I really couldn’t make sense of it. Of course, this could also be because of my own infamiliarity with TBA.

But I struggle on… I’ll get the hang of this thing yet… :slight_smile:

Studio 6 came out more recently than Animate 2, so Studio 6 has the additional Bones feature. The next version of Animate that is released will have a more advanced version of the Bones feature available.


Well if it’s a cutout character, then yes the body parts would be on separate layers. Then you can just use your transform tool to animate it.

I have no information about when the next version of Animate will be available.

Studio and Animate work off of different code bases, so something that’s done in Studio can only be translated to Animate through export to .swf

I don’t think that animation that’s been done with Bones would translate, however - it would be interesting to see what it would do in this case on an export to .swf - I’ll run some tests to see.

Of course, you could always export to bitmap and import the bitmap sequence as well.