Animate is Crap.

I just spent an hour developing the crap out of a character in animate, went to flatten the image and the crappy ass crap of a program crashed. WTF.

I hate you animate. I paid 600 for a crap.

Time to start ALLLLL over again…

learn to save?

crashes are more often related to hardware/OS settings than the software in the case of animate. I find it to be very stable.

Plus as mentioned at least save stopped you losing all your work.

In my experience it’s usually a pretty good rule of thumb to save ‘at least’ after every major stage of a creative process in any graphic application. Too many times in the past have I had something go wrong and lost hours of work. This goes for programs as common as even Photoshop.


Hey genius…click the save once in a while.

It’s a sorry craftsperson who blames the tools…

With that said, and with all that others has said prior, don’t forget to incrementally save your work; that is characterv001,characterv002 and so on-- especially when doing something major.

Maybe if you (robertZ) could provide more information, such as OS, RAM, Processor speed & type of graphic card you’re using – you could actually get some specific help with your problem.

Flattening brush strokes can be intensive. You could select parts of a layer and flatten the selection, save your work, select some more parts of the layer, flatten… rinse, lather, repeat, until you have your entire layer flattened.

BTW, learn how to ask for some assistance/help instead of just venting your frustrations. See the first line in my post here.

Hmmm, this guy kind of reminds me of me when I first started using Animate and had all kinds of technical Problems ::). My advice to you would be to take the advice from some of the users above.

If things like this happen often Search through the Knowledge Base, see if your cpu is up to specs, mainly your graphix card.

If this was a one time thing, then I guess the lesson learned is Save Save Save :’(. If you ask 10000 graphic designers, Digital Animators, ect. if something like this has ever happened to them, I bet you 10000 will say yes not only with Animate but with a variety of programs.

On behalf of the Toonboom community Sorry Dude it happens.