Animate in The Netherlands

who works there with animate in the Netherlands?
please sent a mail for contact to make a dutch-animationfilm.
Topic is InteriorArchitecture Joop

I’m using Animate and am in The Netherlands.

Any other Animate users in The Netherlands? I’m going to be working there (Tilburg and Wageningen) from may 14 through may 28 and it would be nice to have a couple of beers with fellow animation enthusiasts or proffessionals, maybe on the second weekend (probably in Amsterdam) to just hang around and talk animation ;D.

I assume you mean June 14 through June 28? If so then I’m in Eindhoven so meeting up in Tilburg for a beer will be easy. I’ll e-mail Joop as well just in case he hasn’t seen this, looking at your blog I think he would be interested.

Heh, heh. I guess I’m stuck in May. Yes, I meant June. Awesome, thing. I just watched your youtube channel. Very funny stuff, great animations!