Animate & Harmony what's the difference?

I’m having a tough time seeing the difference between Harmony & Animate. Can someone please tell me what separates the two programs. I’ve already seen the tour/ feature videos, but I am still not clear.

big differences for me are the pressure sensitive pen lines, particle systems and bone tools.

There are more but they are the things which catch my eye.

The differences are pretty huge from Animate to Harmony, not nearly as huge from Animate Pro to Harmony - they’re built on pretty much the same platform. The biggest differences from AP to Harmony are the deformers, variable width pencil tool (with textures), particle engine & 3d integration. You can find out more about those things here:
I personally would have a hard time living without the pencil tool and deformers, I don’t really use the other stuff. Other than that the biggest difference is in the price, you’re looking at an extra couple thousand dollars for Harmony. Will let that sink in for a minute.

Hope that helps.