Animate freezing or crashing

I have been experiencing frequent freezing and crashes whilst working in Animate 2.
It seems to happen most when I try test SWF movie or using quadmaps.
It has happened occasionally in the past but just recently it has been doing it a lot.
As I was interested in entering the William Shatner animation competition and as it said they like to use Animate Pro, I down loaded it. I am not sure and it may be just coincidence but ever since Animate 2 has been less stable.

Could it be related? or is it something else, grateful for any advice.

Best wishes

Your crashing should be unrelated to the fact that you have downloaded Animate Pro 2 PLE. Usually crashing is related to your computer running out of memory, or the graphics card overloading. Are you working on large scenes when these crashes occur? Are they predictable crashes? Meaning, are you always performing the same actions right before you crash?

If you experience persistent crashing, then feel free to email and they can help you to diagnose what the problem is.

Toon Boom Support