Animate for the web - filesize

I have to do a couple of banners for a bank website.
One of them is 995 x 123
I have to do 15s of character animation for each banner.
Are there any tricks to keep the filesize as small as possible?
Like in flash you have to use Movieclips instead of graphic clips etc…
Also when I export a swf, does it matter how much layers the project has when you only render the visible layers?
I would like to put all the material for all the banners in one project and render different swfs from that project and add text in flash.

I dont know if I explained this properly? Would be great if someone could help me out!


For Animate the thing you should focus on is the re-use of drawings through the exposure instead of duplicating (basically expose stuff for a period of time instead of having the same drawing duplicated frame after frame). Avoid using special effects if possible and if you need to have duplicates of the same layer multiple time use the clone option which you will offset with a peg rather then duplicating the layer again.

Stuff that is not visible in Animate will not be added to the exported file so that should not affect the file size. Make sure to flatten and remove any invisible lines from the project. You may also want to optimize the shapes to have the lowest amount of points to make the file smaller.

That should be pretty much it I think.

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Hey Ugo, that sounds really good! Thanks for your quick reply!

All the best