ANIMATE for printing!

Hello everyone!.. i made my character in TOON BOOM ANIMATE!.. but i have to print it for posters and all kind of press… the only method i know is export the file to jpg, but i think the resolution is very low… do you know if exist another method to print my files?.. or to incress the resolution to 300 dpi or 600 dpi to export it (jpg) and open it whit photoshop later!..


What you need to do is set up a custom resolution for your project for printing. The DPI is not something that is controlled by Animate - since we don’t print directly from our software, there is no concept of DPI. However, you can set a resolution with a high number of pixels.

So let’s say you want your poster to be 8.5 x 11 inches, 300 DPI. Then you need to set your project to be (8.5 x 300) x (11 x 300), which is 2550 x 3300.

So simply calculate the resolution that you need for your poster then set that as a custom resolution.

It will take a long time to render that one frame. If you need to, you can cut it up into sections and render it in sections, which you would then have to recombine in another software like Photoshop.

Hope that helps!

Toon Boom Support

I can’t understand how Animate doesn’t have a extort to PDF feature. Even TBS have this for half value.

Toon Boom Animate is a wonderful software, but these small details and missing essential features (like export to PDF or scene management) are too annoying and shouldn’t come from a app with its price.

Just a little criticism because no export to PDF makes me crazy. It’s basic!

THANKS lillyV!!! you are the BEST!!!

I had the same difficulty Nitro, I needed to render out some concepts for clients as they want characters for print aswell. The closest I got to a decent render was to render as an opengl frame and then go under the export settings there. Was going to try and render out through the network view to see if I get better results.