Animate Family Discontinuing

I got a call from a ToonBoom rep telling me that Animate will no longer be sold from ToonBoom. Is there a reason for this?

You should have asked the Toon Boom rep. We are just users like yourself. Occasionally Lilly and one or two others from TB participate here but I have not seen signs of that happening for months.

They told me this as well, offering no explanation…
Anyone got any info on this?


Hello everybody,

Sorry if there was any confusion. Just to be clear, we continue to actively sell and support Toon Boom Animate. This month we had a special on Harmony, and our sales team identified some users that they felt might benefit from the more powerful features in Harmony. Not sure of what that might have been in your particular case, but if Harmony is not yet the direction for you and the Animate family continues to meet your needs, be assured that we will continue to support you along the way.

Hope that helps to clear that up!

Best Regards
Marisa Labrador
Technical Support Manager

Does this mean Animate/Pro will no longer be sold? I’m a Studio 8.1 owner and have been considering upgrading but I’m definitely not in the budget category to afford Harmony.

Edit: oops sorry, didn’t see Marisa’s reply. I assume it’s safe for me to upgrade then? :slight_smile:

Yes upgrade.

At least for Animate. I’ve been saying for years that Harmony Standalone should be folded in to Animate Pro (and sold at AP’s pricepoint!!) The differences between the program’s have always been negligeble if not non existent.

Having particle effects, 3D objects in 3D space and Curve Deformation is a pretty significant difference IMO.

I hope to see at least some particle capability in the next Animate Pro.

If they limit it to a certain number like 10 or 20 ( Harmony solo has 50 and Network Harmony 100) and the modules I want are missing I would like the ability to acquire them individually or in an expansion pack, preferably one where I pick the modules in the pack so I get what I will use.

I am upgrading from Animate Pro to Harmony Premium, and am also unable to locate a conversion tool under my profile. I see My Profile, My Downloads, My Orders, Product Registration and My Posts on the left. On the right is Update My Profile, Change My Password, Newsletter Options, My Orders, My Downloads. Where is the Harmony conversion link supposed to be?

When Did you update you have to install the program first. Then I had to reset the cache in the browser then in showed up about 2 days later.

Then you upload the entire file as a zip, and they covert it, but its a long wait, i have had mine up there since may 16th.

They are doing this by hand which makes me think why the hell wouldn’t you make the program backward compatible.

Just dumb on TB’s part.

Hi - here is an update as of 4/15/15:

We are consolidating our product line to focus on Harmony and Storyboard Pro. The process will be gradual. Animate and Animate Pro continue to be available and they are still supported. These products will be sold in mid Oct 2015 and they will be supported til mid April 2016.

Upgrades are being offered to the new editions of Harmony that correspond to Animate (Harmony Advanced) and Animate Pro (Harmony Premium). We have introduced free trials of the new Harmony editions and Harmony can be purchased/upgraded online. A new desktop subscription option is also offered for both Harmony and Storyboard Pro.

Animate/Pro projects can be converted to Harmony by going into your My Accounts section and selecting Harmony Project Conversion. If you (for example) upgrade from Animate to Harmony Advanced you still keep your Animate license.

I hope this summary is helpful.

Bob, thank you very much for the update!

One question though, I can’t seem to find the convert option. In the menu that comes up after clicking my avatar, all I see is My Profile, My Downloads, and Newsletter Subscription. I’m a long time professional customer that has been using Animate, and just upgraded to Harmony Advanced. Is the conversion only for Pro?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Am communicating with you by email and will post any more specifics here that could help others after we resolve why you are not seeing “Harmony Project Conversion” option in My Profile area…

Resolved: This is confirmed to be working

From the Studio forum:
"We still sell Toon Boom Studio and will support it for a year going forward. "

What is the Animate/Pro product plan as of 04/13/15 ?

Hey jimmackey
According to information on the website (it’s in a pop-up when you click on Animate or Studio), both Studio and Animate will only be available through October 16 of 2015. It’s not clear if Animate Pro is in this category or not. Looking at everything else on the site - I am thinking Animate Pro will probably cease as of the same date.

Studio, Animate and Animate Pro are going away. It does mention all three of them on at least one page. Animate Pro is the only one that is not getting redressed as a version of Harmony. Essentials is Studio and Advanced is Animate but the only option left is to jump all the way to Harmony Premium.

As of this moment all three are mentioned at the bottom of this page:

There is not much of a “what to upload” for the conversion.

I attempted this yesterday, I .zipped the whole folder for the TBAnimatePro2 folder and did a file upload, it sat there and did nothing for almost 40mins.

I gave up after that.

Please place more of an explanation on the upload to convert files from TBAP2 to Harmony.

And please explain the 0 or 5 that is represented on the upload page. Does it mean we can only convert 5 files at a time or 5 files all together?

And if it is 5 files all together, do we pay for the others?

i think you do need to ask the Toon Boom rep.i have no idea.

Hi, this topic is quite old so I must ask, is Animate Pro still active?

I’ve been working with Animate Pro for five years now and I was trying to update it since I changed my OS X but couldn’t find its page. Did it really got discontinued?

If that’s so, is there a way for Animate Pro users to keep working with the program or is there a plan to crossgrade it to Harmony for example?

Animate is discontinued, there will no longer be any updates made to Animate software.
You can contact to see if there are any upgrade deals for
upgrading to Harmony.