animate export masterpalette

I seems like you cant export a palette. Is that right.

The ide is to use a palette in different scenes and when adding colors the master palette will be updated and so will all the scenes that use that palette.

Can´t you do that?

/ Mattias

yep, toon boom softwares can do that.
as you said, you could export a palette and save it on a special folder.
(The so-called export palette, mean is copy those *.plt files in “palette-library” folder, project folder. and paste to the special folder)
in the other project scene, you need click the upper left corner popup button in Colour view, and click “Palettes - Link to External…”,
and Browse your *.plt files in the special folder.

now, you can change the palettes, and the other project files also changed.

I think that is on Animate Pro. I have just Animate.

If I understand your objective correctly I do not think a palette ever remains linked whereby changes are globally updated except in Harmony because it is designed to be used simultaneously by multiple animators on a network. That said, you don’t have to export a palette for it to be available to other projects. Once it is saved the folder can be accessed where the palette can be copied to another location and imported into other projects. You have to manually update each instance of the palette once it has been imported because they are not linked. They are independent copies. Think of it as the same principle behind templates. If a team is using the same template, any changes must be added to each instance when you have already imported it. This allows each animator to tailor the drawing to suit the context they are assigned without those changes undermining other animators working with drawings initiated from the same template.

I guessed it was like that but wanted to check because I thought it could be good if you could export a palette and save it on a spec. folder where you could collect all instead of keeping remember where the last updated panel was.
That could be a good feature for a next update, so save a palette. Not link to a master but to being able to save it.
Explaines a lot using palettes.