Animate Distorts layers when reopened.

I have the demo of Animate Toon Boom. I recently made a short cartoon and after I saved it, it crashed. Then when I reopened it all my layers have a white line around them looking distorted, when I choose a different view option I see blocks surrounding all my layers.

I don’t know what to do!!

I run on a 1 Gig of RAM
80 Gig hard drive
Duel Pentium processor
Windows XP

It sounds like a graphic card display issue. Did you check the hardware requirement for your card? It should be an NVidia chip normally so that OpenGL 2 is fully supported.

It’s a Radeon X1400 and it says that it does have an OpenGL 2.0. So I’m not sure. Everything works fine when I import the layers.
here is how it is when it’s started

And then everything goes wrong:

The Randeon is an ATI ship set that even though they say it’s supports 2.0 it might not support enough of it. I remember in the past with Harmony that there were trouble with the Randeon so it might still be the issue.

Now looking at you screen shots I think the issue might be more with the way you imported the bitmap images. When you import bitmap images you have a choice of Alpha settings. The default is Premultipied with White. This might not be the right one for the way you created the alpha in Photoshop (or bitmap editing software that you used). Try reimporting the images that have the problem but with the setting Straight, or Premultiplied with Black.

The black area in the render seems to show that the wrong alpha processing is happening. The little white fringe around your bitmap also points toward that issue or to the way you create the mask in the other software.

Unfortunately you will have to reimport the images to test it as there is no settings that you can change once the image are imported.

ok, thank you for the info! I think you may be right about the way I import it. I will try experimenting, and perhaps experiment with how I save my PDF files in Photoshop, All these layers were made there. Thanks again!