Animate CRASHES!!!!!

Im trying out Animate PLE, but i can only use it for a few minutes, and then it crashes!!

A message comes up saying "The instruction at “0x3ce47aa3” referenced memory at “0x3ce47aa3”. The memory could not be “read”."

What does this mean? I turned off Anti-Aliasing aswell…

My computer specs are :

Intel Core™2 Duo CPU
E8400 @ 3.00GHZ
3.00GHZ, 3.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA WinFast PX9400 GT 512 graphics card

Now this computer is fast enough right???

I use 3D applications, edit videos, etc and no problems at all…

Can someone please help me out? Cos i am very dissapointed now… Saw all the great things Animate can do, and it seemed perfect for me… but now I dont know. Was really thinking about purchasing a copy sometime in the near future…

Please help…


Im thinking, maybe i should stick with Toon Boom Studio… Its cheaper, and it never crashed!!!

But if there is a solution to this problem, Im in for Animate…

I recently upgraded from Studio to Animate. Completed a first project last night for a car dealership. It’s kinda like the old days when I was hitting control S constantly to avoid losing work. I was about 30 minutes into a session using the pencil tool to clean up the drawings when POOF!. No warning, no illegal memory access, just gone, the application closed without a trace. Lost 30 minutes, then began the incessant ctrl-S behavior after every few lines. It crashed a few more times, but I didn’t lose any more work. Animate seems to be a bit more squirrelly about extra control points on a line as well. Although lines look good in the camera and drawing view, when exported to a swf file they have anomalies where the extra control points appear at line unions… like little extra lines dangling at the unions. If you delete the extra points it fixes the export problem, but certainly a bit of a pain.

i’ve had the same, with the pencil tool, too:;action=display;threadid=917

it seems we have to wait for a patch.

I see…

That must be a pain Rog…Hope it works out for you…

Yes, gester, i think there will be a patch…

When ever that is… I dunno.

Hi Rog,

Concerning the pencil tool we have noticed some instability want sketching with the Pencil Tool in a fast manner. This will happen with the pencil tool only and if you could rely on the brush of fast sketching you shouldn’t get this. This should be addressed in upcoming patch.

As for Manatoonz, we would need to gather some more information about the circumstances of the crashes you are encountering. The message you are getting seems to be pointing out to a memory shortage so you might want to monitor your memory usage as you are using the software, maybe this could help us debug this (if you find certain task seem to be peeking up memory for example).

Also, try to temporarily disable some of your Spyware application. We have received report of certain Spyware checker to be interfering with the software causing similar crashes as what you are getting at the moment.

We will be waiting for some feedback from you.

Best regards,


Ok, well, to keep this tread alive and kicking…
Toon Boom Animate crashed on a PC and now it crashes on my MAC.

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000001
Crashed Thread: 0

I was drawing a circle.
I’m using toon boom at the studio but it has become very unreliable.When will this patch be released? This is very urgent!


If you do get crashes when using some specific tools which can be reproduced make sure that you report them to our support team so we can make sure to log them and address them in the patch.

Best regards,