animate crashes on renaming layer

Animaate pro 2

i have duplicated a layer with effects, then enter to rename it, then animate said that this was used by another versions, that If I want to rename, I enter Yes,then animate it crashes.

As it has happened before often in that area, Iam writing about this problem.

am thinking that when pressing yes to rename a layer,if it detects another movement of the pen mouse , just after entering yes, animate gets confused and crashed.

the main areas when animate crashes here is when copyin a symbol to a template and whenre naming a layer,both activies are related with SAVING animate content, so the problem could be in that area,

obviously, all changes since the last save were lost…


Is this a scene file that was originally created in Animate Pro 1? I am just curious because I’d like to follow your workflow to try to reproduce the crash.

When I try to do it on a fresh scene, I create a scene in AP2, create a new drawling element - let’s call it bob. Then when I do a Save As New Version, and in Version 2, I try to rename bob to billy, then it pops a warning telling me that I’ll be renaming bob in all my scenes.

If I do this on my fresh scene, then I do not get a crash. There may be something about your complicated network with effects that is causing the problem. Do you mind attaching a screenshot of the problem layer and its effects in the network view so that I can see exactly what’s going on?

Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket and post the link here.


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