Animate - Colour-Override

I stumbled upon a previous post that clarified how to set the options for the Color-Override effect, but I have not found anything (including the user guide) on how to apply as an example the effect. I may be doing it wrong, but is this the correct way to apply the effect?

A drawing layer on top of the Colour-Override effect has only frames (drawings) added where I want to see the colour ovveride. I override color number 11 to a darker shade in the Colour-Override properties.

The drawing layer on top of the Colour-Override layer is then duplicated and placed outside. Each of the frames on the duplicated layer have a drawing of the original color. The scene is 60 frames long.

When I play the scene, the original colour changes to that of the override colour only when there is a matching frame on the colour override drawing layer directly above on the same frame number. The original colour is displayed when the the colour override drawing layer directly above on the same frame number has no drawing.

I created two screenshots of what I am talking about. You can view them here at my Office Live Skydrive Public Share folder:

Just copy and paste the above url into your browser.

ps. Is there away to post images in the forum?


Basically the way the colour override works is that whatever options you set in the Colour Override will apply to any layers that are a child of that Colour Override. So in this case, the layer that is the child has the effect applied. The layer that is outside does not. Then you’ve deleted the exposure on the overrided-layer in increments, so that you can see the copy that’s beneath everything.

If you just want the drawing to be overrided for the whole timeline, then you don’t need a copy of the drawing outside the effect. You only would want a copy outside if you still want the original colour at some point, if that makes any sense.

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