animate bg layer over several frames


New to SB Pro, sorry if this is an obvious question, but:

I am trying to scale up my BG over 10 frames. It’s a close up, cam stays close on character so I don’t want to push in with camera.

So I used first and last frame transformations, but I want the last frame to finish transformation at the last frame, (frame 10.) I tried using spread layer motion but nothing happens, the bg scales up over one panel and then disappears.

How can I have the bg scale evenly from fr1 to fr 10? This is driving me nuts, it seems to be such a simple thing.

Thank you!

Hi rossie_SF

You can copy/paste the transformation from panel to panel by alternating between having Last Frame Transformation tool and First Frame transformation tool active.

To spread layer transformation evenly over many panels you can use the Spread Layer Motion command. The most simple way is to make sure that the actual layer in the first panel in the move has a unique name that is not present in any other panel in the actual scene. Then use the layer transformation tool( First Frame/Last Frame) to make the whole move in this first panel. With the actual layer still active go to top menu- Layer - Spread Layer Motion. A window will appear giving you the opportunity to apply the move to the whole scene or to a range of Next panels. Make your selction and press OK. If the layer has a unique name, it will be added to the following panels together with the movement. For the Spread Layer Motion to work, all the panels that will be included in the move must be part of the same scene.

Best regards

Thank you, Ivar, I will give it a try!