Animate - Animate Pro compatibility

Is animate Pro able to open Animate files? And, is Animate able to open back Animate PRO files?

And what about the templates? Can Animate Templates be imported into Animate PRO and viceversa or not?

anything from animate can be opened in pro, but not vice versa.

Oh ok, thanks a lot TheRaider. I really needed to know that.

Mmmm I just tried with the PLE opening an Animate project with Animate Pro, the scenes weren’t detected/possible to open. I tried importing some Animate Templates into Pro, didn’t work. When I tried to open and edit the Animate PLE with Animate Pro PLE, I recieved a message saying the file was an older style Harmony template and couldn’t be edited. :-<br />If I can’t test it with PLE, how can I be totally sure it will work fine with the licensed software? Has anyone done it? Is there any vids, more forum post about this?
Thanks for reading. Greetings.

Probably a PLE restriction

I have animate and animate pro.

I have had no issues ever opening something i have done in animate in pro. (I still use animate for designing tutorials so i know what is pro only)

Mmm thanks. One more question about it, did you have to buy both licenses or only the PRO one to use both softwares on the same computer? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pro licence allows you to open standard animate instead of pro if you wish.

That said not sure why you would want too. For me it useful for tutorial making, but I do all my actual animations in Pro.

The main difference (for things you CAN do in both) is adding effects in standard is done a lot differently to pro where you need to use the network view (which looks complicated at first but is really powerful and easy to use) and in standard they are all in the drop down menu.

Obviously there are other differences but they are pro only.