Animate and Wacom Intuous 5

I have just bought a Wacom Intuous 5 tablet, and have begun playing with it. I have done my first drawing in Photoshop and the Intuous features seem to work in it…at least the ones I know about…touch wheel rotate etc.

However I have just started a new animation in Animate and find that the touch wheel rotate/zoom does not work in Animate…or does does not work for me at least…at the moment. Should it? If so, how do I get it going?

I know Animate has a built in rotate feature but it would be nice to be able to use the Intuous touch wheel rather than constantly have to activate within Animate.

As far as I know, only Animate 3 / Animate Pro 3 are supporting standard two-finger Touch Gestures
for zooming, rotating, and scaling of the canvas, when using a tablet.

I am not aware those would work in Animate 2 / Animate Pro 2…

Thanks Nolan. I’m not thinking of using touch gestures - fingers on the tablet, but rather the touch wheel that the Intuous 5 has. The touch wheel controls 4 different features and you switch between these features and the wheel then controls the feature selected. One of them is rotate, so you can draw with one hand and rotate the page anyway you want with the other - easy as. The Intuous 5 also has finger ‘touch’ gestures, but they are not the same thing.

Thank you Mark,

That made the Touch Ring a worthwhile accessory I never thought it would be…


At about the 7 minute mark of the video, Lilly shows how to set up the touch ring to enable one to rotate the canvas/page.

Very worthwhile to watch all of the tips.


Thanks for Lily’s tip. Only trouble is I don’t quite get there.

After going to Preferences, there is no ‘View’ tab. The good news however is that ‘Rotate view clockwise’ and ‘Rotate view counter clock wise’ fall under the General tab. The bad news is that there is no designated shortcut to either of them and I can’t see how to set ones of my own choice. Thus I can’t go back and set them in the wacom options…

Also…in the wacom options under the pen tab I have the screen ‘mapping’ set to only one of my two screens…but the pen in Animate roams over both screens and not just one…hmmm

I have pressure sensitivity however…

OK, I found out how to set shortcuts…interestingly finding only two letters in the alphabet that were free to use…m and w…
EDIT: So…great. I’ve been able to set my touch wheel to both zoom in and out, and rotate using the method Lily outlined (and only use these commands in Animate…Photoshop is already set up).
Much appreciated. Thanks!
Now all I have to do is learn to use Animate!!!