Animate and Flash

Hi there!

Im fairly new to Toon Booms Animate, I have worked a bit in it and find it to be great when it comes to character animation! Just beats the heck out of animating in Flash…
Just one problem…

If I want to make a game, for example, and I want to create my animations in Animate then import them to Flash so that I can add interactivity, what would be the best way to go?..

I saw you can export a .swf file from Animate. Thats cool, I could probably do each animation in a separate .swf (like the walk_ cycle.swf, run_cycle.swf, the... jumps and whatever...) then get them into Flash via Actionscript. But that seems like working a bit... blindfolded as you cant see how your combined animations look until you export…

Okay, then theres always .flv, or other video types which you can embed into the .fla and .swf, therefore making it easier to see the final result, as you dont have to export in order to actually see what youre doing. Thats cool, too, but I think that adds a bit too much to the overall file size…

Then… I guess you could do a combination of the two… Like, do the .flvs, embed into Flash, finish up the game or what have you, then switch to the blindfolded .swfs.

Still… Although I seem to have 3 answers to my question… Is there a better way of doing this?

Thank you!

just one remark in the first place: i dunno about flash display of your game, but if you do any bitmap effects in animate (blurs or the likes), you can export them into a .flv, but they won’t show in .swf export.

Just one thing to add here, be careful of using bitmaps with the .flv format because the format is highly compressed and there can be a notable change in the (used bitmap) color values when exporting to this format.