animate all frames option

I am watching the tutorial on “Importing Images with Harmony Advanced and Premium”
the instructor is using animate all frames but I couldn’t find this option under Harmony Premium 16. Is this option available? if not, is there a substitute option?

Thanks o0Ampy0o

I am referring to this video at 1.47

I am totally new to toon boom and this is one of the first tutorial I am watching. so I am still figuring out what these terms mean or do.

Thanks Nolan,

I will try animate off and see how it goes.

Is it possible that you are confusing this with another tutorial? Is “Importing Images with Harmony Advanced and Premium” the exact title of the tutorial? I could not locate a tutorial with that title. I watched the tutorial “How to Import a Bitmap Image Using Harmony Premium” and the instructor never mentioned “animate all frames.” I do not know why they would. The topic has nothing to do with animation specifically.

If you are wanting to animate all frames you just activate Animate Onion Skin Range and spread out the onion skin handles in the Timeline to cover the range of frames you wish to apply the movement/transformation to.


I presume, he/she is referring to this youtube movie ?
Please have a look at about 4.05 minutes.

This official release screams not ready for release.

That text “Animate All Frames” did not come up in a search of the documentation.

How could it end up in a tutorial yet not appear in the documentation let alone the final release?

I would expect it to be in the documentation but not in the final release if they chose to omit it at the last minute. Toon Boom’s documentation is usually full of such oversights. To go to the extent of creating a tutorial using a feature that does not exist is interesting.

One thing I like about 16’s documentation is that the default is for the information to be displayed rather than hidden behind arrows indicating expanded information. That requirement in previous documentation was a hindrance to efficient workflow.

BTW Jesse J. Jones sounds a lot like the tutor who did the Digital-Tutors Harmony videos before they became Plural Sight.


The - Animate Off - button does in fact do the same as the - Animate All Frames - button.
To name it finally - Animate Off - just makes more sense. Doesn’t it ?

Animate All Frames = Animate Off <= It makes no sense to have ever described this function as “Animate All Frames.”

“Any modification done with an animation tool is applied across the entire scene. No keyframes are added.”

The existing mouse-over hint would be better stated as:

“Any modification done with the Transform or any Advanced Animation tool is applied across the entire scene.”

The part about not adding keyframes is obvious as you would not expect every frame to become a keyframe. It is a detail which can be read about in the documentation. But as a hint this revision conveys the function. (of course, this is just my opinion).

I agree. If you’re transforming all frames you are not animating at all. I suppose the naming was meant to make sense for new users, but I prefer precise language, and “animate all frames” is just incorrect - there’s no animation happening with that option selected.

This comment has been deleted.

(I deleted a comment above because it said wrongly that “Animate Off” was “Animate All Frames” in Harmony 16 and the forum didn’t allow me to edit it.)

To clarify, your copy of Harmony 16 shows “Animate All Frames”??? If yours states “Animate All Frames” as is shown in the tutorial videos did you receive an advanced copy (pre-general public release) of Harmony 16? Mine shows “Animate Off” in its place.

Not picky at all…well said and I agree completely with your sentiments.

Wait, sorry, I totally missed this then. I’m still using 15, I assumed from that that was the new nomenclature. Now I see I misread your comments. Silly me. It’s still “Animate Off” then, which makes total sense.

I still think “Animate Current Frame” is kind of imprecise, but I suppose it’s required to distinguish from “Animate Onion Skin Range”.