Animate a living shadow

Does anyone know how to animate what happened between 1:34-1:35 when the shadow is one the floor.

Hey aceofspades,

When you say animate, do you mean how to set up the scene?

This is from a traditionnal animation show. So whether you have cut out or paperless show, this can work too.

If the shadow doesn’t go past the wall, you could use an inverted cutter to keep the shadow on the wall. You could also use a shadow effect to add transparancy, blur and colour variants if it works with the desired effect.

Not when he’s on the wall, the floor. When he’s moving rapidly on the floor.

The same would apply for this as well as it is animated as traditionnal or paperless. :slight_smile:

One of the most challenging things involved in that sequence is the way the form snakes through a serpentine pattern. That was an automated feature in Toon Boom Studio but it has to be done manually in Harmony.

I suggest you watch the sequence several times to get a sense for the snaking path. Draw the path on a layer for a reference. Then use it as a guide for your drawings as they conform to it and the direction the object is flowing along the way.

You will also need to consider perspective and how the form grows smaller as it moves towards the vanishing point.