animate a color change

hey guys , im making an animation of someone dancing , now i want some colors to flash on him , red green blue feks, and i want his body to change color to the lights , but how do i do that , and make a color cange to my character while animating it ?

I’ve had success using the Colour-Scale Effect from the Node Library. I’ve been able to tint my whole character from bright colors to more of a night-shot type palette. Google that effect or look it up in the Toon Boom documentation. There are SOOO many things you can do with the effects in Toon Boom.

there arent really tutorials explaining :confused: got any links ?

At around 10 minute in, the topic turns to the color scale effect in Animate & Animate Pro and how to alter the effect over time.

Thanks alot !!

Thanks alot !!