Animate 3 Missing Drawings

Hi there,

I’ve been working on a scene in Animate 3. Yesterday I’d exported a frame, saved, and set my computer to sleep with the file still open. This had not been a problem before, but today when I went to continue animating, one of my layers had suddenly lost the drawings.

I scrubbed through the timeline, and everything else is still intact, but those cells are empty. The library only shows an empty white box. Interestingly however, when I scrub through the drawing substitution, some of the missing drawings do appear in the box, only to vanish as soon as I stop.

Inside the project file folder, I can clearly see all the .tvg files. I even added them into the library, and can see all the missing drawings there. I tried to drag one onto the layer, but it didn’t work. I made a new test layer to try and drag them into, but it did not work either.

I am not getting any error messages. I did not rename the folder or project, or move the project or file. I did rename the layer, but that did not cause problems when I did it. It is saved on an internal drive.

Is there some way to re-link these drawings?



Animate 3 Build 10.5.0 (8339)
Mac OS X 10.7.5

(Sorry if this is a question that’s already been answered somewhere. I wasn’t able to find any answers for Animate 3.)

Are you saving it on local hard drive or external hard drive?
I’ve seen sometime when you are using Mac with external hard drive, when the machine is idle and back while Animate is opened (probably the hard drive was on sleep too), somehow some of the link to external hard drive becomes inaccessible (ex, drawing folder). You can manually check if the drawings in drawing folder is still physically there (ex, <saved_project>/elements/<element_name>. If the file was there, the saving was happened before having an issue. If the drawing folder and file (.tvg) inside, it was already happened before and you might have the error while saving. If drawing is there, you can reimport it to new layer and retiming it. Anyhow, you work on local hard drive with full permission (ex, desk top or my documents folder) and back up to external hard drive.