Animate 3 does not export in FLV???

I just started a new contract with a customer who needs files in FLV. I started the project having Animate 2. Then few days later I decided to upgrade to Animate 3 and shocking surprise! I can’t see any export to FLV option!!!

Did they remove it?

I’m awfully stressed because I don’t how to deliver the work I already started now. And I have the fist animation sequence to deliver tomorrow!!!

Anybody have a solution to provide me? It is highly urgent!

Many thanks


Get one of those File Conversion Applications…
(Google is your friend)

True but when you need transparency, those billions of free converter software propose you a beautiful full mate file! Argh!
It is insane that Toonboom removed this feature in that upgrade. It sounds more like a downgrade to me! I should keep my money and keep working on Animate 2.


Try the free trial, Mac or Windows…

Thanks for your help. I downloaded it and gave it a try but unfortunately, the converted file doesn’t keep the transparency as the other third party converter softwares I find around on the web.