Animate 3 crashes after error message

Hi-when I’m using the cutter tool it goes well until I get the “Not a valid Tag file” (see attachment) and then the software crashes. I find myself having to save after every cut or otherwise I lose my work. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue?


same here. had a few times already… :frowning:

on win7 ultimate

I am going to look into this one right away. Did you report this one to also?


No, I haven’t yet reported it.
Were you able to replicate this error, Lilly?

Have there been any updates released? and/or is the build number anywhere public? I also had an issue where the program become unresponsive when using the Contour Editor on a pencil line

We are working on a fix for this issue!

Upon further playing around:-

I think it crashes on me if i drew the pen tool to draw prior to using the cutter tool. Doesn’t seem to crash if iI used the pencil tool to draw,