Animate 2 vs. Studio Advice?

My fifth grade son is currently a ToonBoom Studio user. He got it for his birthday last year, and is now very interested in cross-grading to the new Animate 2 software. I know very little about this, and was wondering if anyone here could offer advice as to whether this is a good move? I did see from other posters that he will not be able to open his studio files in it…but is it worth the investment?


A lot of this depends on talent/aspirations/money etc.

I would assume studio is fine for someone in 5th grade unless there is good reason otherwise.

A good way is to use the free learning edition. This is a really good way to learn animate without having to pay for the software (as i am assuming he has no commerical aspirations for it.

Yes studio files won’t open in Animate. Also files from the free learning edition won’t open in animate.

i’m an amateur and will assume that your son is, too.

as theRaider says, your son can try the PLE. if he does the “getting started” course, i think that he’ll find that animating puppets is a lot simpler. others have pointed out that the course is a promo for the software and i agree - it will show him the deltas.

tbs5 did everything that i needed except interface with storyboard (the baseline version). there was no real reason for me to migrate, but i did the jump because the cross-grade price was attractive.

so far, i’m not really doing anything with animate 2 except copying my puppets from tbs5. i’m guessing that when i’m done, i’ll be more productive with animate 2. again, i’m an amateur, not pro, so it’s a tough call, but i think that it will be worth the money.

and one other point - i still think that the tbs forums are better than the animate forums.

The forums are probably better because
a) far more users
b) far more non pro users (who are more likly to participate in forums)

don’t get me wrong - the people in both forums are great. it’s the divisions in the tbs forum. i like multiple buckets for the conversation.

I’ll bring up your comments about the multiple buckets for discussion. I think in some ways they help and in some ways they hinder, because often in order to get the answer to the question you want, you might be asking it in the wrong bucket, and you’ve got to search through the different buckets to see what’s new and what’s going on.

But if you like the buckets then by all means, I will bring it up for discussion.


Toon Boom Support

I am somewhat different in that I think have more with the current number of users might not be a great idea.

However General Discussion should be changed to General and Technique Discussion or something so how do i use xxx tool doesn’t go in tech support.