Animate/2 Tutorials

Hi guys are there any Animate only tutorials , as the videos relate to pro and I find that a tad off putting learning from videos ( I know, tuff )
But as I go through the tuts the Shortcuts are different and some of the features . Following the tuts is fine, , they are well made.
Perhaps ,someone would explain , why in video 11 part1 , when showing how to flatten , that the right ear of the rabit remains seperate when the left has been flattened.
I guess I am missing something, (ok, brains). In my version " Animate 2" once I flatten the left ear , all of the drawing becomes flattened . Or is that how it works on Animate 2 and not pro ? When the experts finish laughing ,could someone please advise…lol.
Or is it a bug? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no official tutorials were made exclusively for Animate. We tried to be kind to Animate users by at least indicating which videos were for PRO users only.

I’m guessing that the reason your shortcuts don’t match the shortcuts in the tutorials is because of your preference setting. Animate and Animate Pro should have the same shortcut set. To change this, go to Edit > Preferences, then from the Shortcuts tab, select Adobe Flash from the drop-down menu.

As for Video #11, the reason that the right ear stays unflattened is because I did not click on the Flatten button until I started to draw the second (left) ear. With the Pencil tool, you have to push the Flatten button first and then draw overlapping lines. If you want to flatten pencil lines after the fact, you can select them using the Select tool and then click on the Flatten button in the Tool Properties panel. Remember that the Tool Properties change depending on which tool is selected.

Thank you shabana very much .
Just got to understand the simple part
now,( after I had installed Animate 2 ). I read how to install sample material , it went on about going to the templetes in the libary after ? Didnt happen for me . Had to search ,to where I ended up saving them myself . I thought it would have been an automatic save thingy , so the newbie wouldnt have to search for the templetes. I know it`s me …lol Perhaps there is a section for newbies on installing Animate 2 and all…?
Again cheers :slight_smile:

I have searched and found tutorials link ,hope this helps NEWBIES