Animate 2 & training videos and sample materials

Hi All,
I’m having problems with my library after loading the patch from Animate 2 training videos and sample materials. I can’t use my own library and every time I try a message pops up: Toon Boom Animate: localized is read-only. This happens with the TB library selected when I import images or ai files.

What am I doing wrong? Does anybody knows?

Thanks in advance,

I’d really love to have a feedback… :-<br />
Right now It doesn’t allow me to import anything and I desperately need to import some AI files in order to complete my job…

There’s anyone out there with some suggestions?

Should I re-install Animate 2 perhaps?

Have you done this?

Well, When the symbol icon is selected there’s no option in the right click menu to import any kind of files, when Animate library or the Templates library are selected it does give me the option and then the weird pop up message appears. I’ve tried to select that “right to modify” in both case but didn’t work anyway.
Animate was doing great until I’ve downloaded and installed those materials, I’m sure the patch installer screwed something in my system and now I don’t know what else to do. I’m reading the extensive Help provided (what a mess!!) but I’m now thinking that won’t have any luck there…

It seems that you really have to re-install Animate 2. I tried to import an illustrator file and it works pretty well as you can see in my short screencast:

Thanks for your tips chschett, I’m gonna re-install the software and let you know here if it worked or not.

I’ve all my possible fingers crossed… (and more) :stuck_out_tongue:

if your project is that close to finished then perhaps you should just finish it in animate 1.

Thank you TheRaider, I’ll keep’n mind your advise.

However, I’ve worked around the problem in this way:

I re-installed Animate2 just dropping the application after opening the dmg file in my apps folder, overwriting the same one already there. Lunched it and realized that with my libraries nothing was changed.

Then on my mac snow leopard 10.6.3 I’ve spotlight-ed the string: “Toon Boom Animate.localized” as the error message was reporting “Toon Boom Animate.localized is read-only” and found that Animate created it, as a folder, just in my Document folder. With spotlight even if the extension had hidden it found the file anyway and shown up. Since something was wrong with that folder and I didn’t make it I assumed that Animate at its next launch it would have rebuilt it anyways so I deleted it.

As I thought, Animate create that folder back again at its next re-boot and everything’s working fine since then…

I suppose that’s something I could just in a case like this, in which the software is brand new and there’s no risk you can really loose something… I’d love to have a confirmation about it…

Happy Easter to evrybody! ;D ;D ;D

I have the same issue. Max OS X 10.6.3, Animate 2. Clicking on the Templates folder and selecting “Right to Modify” fails with the same dialog.

I don’t know if it matters but the templates library is actually showing as “Templates.localized” in the library navigation pane. If I hold the mouse over it, the tool tip reads “/Applications/Toon Boom Animate 2/Templates.localized”. This is different than the Animate Library which points to "/Volumes/data/mdhender/Documents/Toon Boom Animate.localized"

My workaround was to copy the global templates to the “Animate Library.” Now I can right-click on that and successfully select Right to Modify.

If you performed the upgrade from Animate 1 to Animate 2, and you had upgraded your operating system to 10.6.3, it’s possible that there was a change in the permissions on your file folders during the upgrade. What you would need to do is verify the folder permissions on the file folders where the templates are being saved. If you don’t have permission to edit these folders, then you need to add the permission to do so.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support