Animate 2 - Timeline layer ordering improvement?

One major difficulty I have with Animate is in moving layers freely up and down the timeline column. If I have a rigged character collapsed into a peg and add, say a blur layer, I am unable to move the blur layer above the figure peg before attaching the peg. Instead I have to drag the peg down to the beneath the blur layer then attach it. This often results in changes to the relative Z structure of the elements within the character peg.

Will Animate 2 make shifting layer order up and down the timeline column as easy as in Toonboom Sudio?

Why are you unable to move the blur above the character? Is it because the character is the top element, and you can’t move the blur above the top element? Sometimes it can be tricky to hit that spot - there is a little blue line that appears there to show that you have got it on the right place. The difficulty with the very top one is that the blue line is abutted right up against a black line, so it’s harder to see.

This has not changed in Animate 2. I can make a feature request to make the drag and drop easier to see for that top one - unless you’re having a different issue?

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I have discovered the problem. There is a discrepancy in the exact placing of the cursor which determines success or failure. Having the blue horizontal line, the black vertical line and the envelope shape showing is no guarantee of the element or pegged group dropping in place.

The following image shows how the tip of the cursor needs to be as far down as possible to enable the blue line - such that group GB -Q Peg drops correctly below Mar-peg

But if the cursor is further up then the Group GB-Q-Peg drops to the bottom of the Timeline column

I have tried this both with mouse and Cintiq pen and obtain the same result. I would be interested to know if you replicate it. Veteran users may intuitively keep the tip of the cursor further down, but I think new users should be made aware of this subtle discrepancy.

grenspleen! :-* thanks for pointing this out. I’ve had problems with this as well where the layer was dropping to the bottom of the layer stack. I thought it was a bug… a very frustrating bug lol.

Wow, I still don’t get it but wow :o

Thank you Grenspleen for the pictures - they helped me to reproduce the problem. Basically in order for me to reproduce the problem I had to have the same structure as you, because I had to be dragging a peg layer specifically to get this behaviour.

Basically an empty peg will always be displayed at the bottom of the timeline, but a peg with something in it should not. I discussed with R&D and tested in Animate 2, and the problem has definitely been fixed for Animate 2. I am no longer able to reproduce this problem in Animate 2.

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