Animate 2 scenes compared to flash scenes in flash

A general rule when working with scenes in flash is: Create a new scene everytime the camera changes.

Would you guys say that the same applies in Animate?

Just curious, I think it would help from getting an overwhelming timeline, but I thought I’d ask cause Animate always seems to have special little tricks and techniques that you either know or don’t know.

No way.

The camera in animate is designed so you can change it as you please. Just follow the steps I told you in a previous thread to move the camera instantly(if you don’t remember how say and I will tell you again).

This is especially true with cutouts because you have all the character views in your scene so it is easy to change on the fly.

It is much easier to keep them all together when possible.

Thanks just wanted to make sure, and no you dont have to say it again I got it in my Raider folder.

The only thing is, keep in mind that you don’t want your scenes to be too long either - the longer it is, the heavier it becomes, the more taxing on the computer’s resources. So I’d try to keep it below 1000 frames if you can, though I’ve heard of people working with longer scenes than that.

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Thanks Lilly that is exactly what I wanted to know.