Animate 2 Sample Material - where?

According to the Getting Started Guide, there should be some templates available at

The site doesn’t exist, though.

Anyone knows where to find the content?

The material used in the Getting Started Guide should have been installed with TBA2. Look in Applications>TBA2>Templates.

You can find the ballerina here:

And some other templates here:

The other templates in the guide (the butterfly, Limpa, etc.) do not seem to be available for download at this point.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.

Hi again,
May I ask you if there is supposed to be other content than the templates in the Library?

In my version, there are only two entries - Symbols and Animate Library - and both are empty.

I also looked where you suggested, but there are no Templates in the TBA (there’s no TBA2 folder) folder.

I should say that I bought the programme a while ago and I’m only starting now, so these are newb questions…

I also bought the program a long time ago, but I believe it was an option during installation to install all the kick-start videos and templates into a Templates Library, which is what I did.

The Symbols library folder is empty until you create symbols and add them to it. I happen to have a couple of templates in the Animate Pro library folder: one is from a third party, and the other is the Karate Rabbit.

I have a lot of things in my Templates library folder . . . mostly the kick-start training materials, but also a bunch of effects templates, etc., that Toon Boom offered for free download at the time and some still available at the link I provided.

Re: the Templates folder within the TBA application folder, that’s where I installed them originally.

I should also add that many of the well-done video tutorials also have sample materials that you can download, like this for example:

I don’t think all of the original art that was used in the Getting Started Guide when I bought Animate years ago is still available (other than the ballerina) because they got a lot of complaints from customers, especially about the Limpa character. Since then TB has replaced them with the above-mentioned tutorials:

Thank you very much for your time and for clearing that up.

I was a bit worried that I might had done something wrong during installation - perhaps something that could explain a good deal of crashes - but I probably just didn’t want to install the extra material back then.

So it’s good to know that I’m not missing any essential files and that it’s possible to find many of the tutorials on ToonBoom’s site.

Hi again,
I just tried this Sunset Template in Animate 2 and Animate Pro 3:

But I can’t drag it from the Library and drop it in the Camera view or Timeline.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Could it be that it is for Animate 3 only?