Animate 2 Rigging tutorial - layers moving without keyframes??

Thank you Toon Boom folks and Forum folks for previous assistance. As I go through the tutorials, I’m learning Animate 2 is a very powerful program. I’m hoping someone can help me with my latest question.

I’m in Tutorial Pack 9: RIGGING, Chapter 53 Rigging

The problem is in the file downloaded from the tutorials page.

The Rabbit’s left upper arm (KR_02_arm) pops from frame 1 to frame 2. It looks like the patch on that arm moves forward (toward camera)/in front of the body layer, but it doesn’t appear to be keyframed. Then the entire left arm pops again from frame 7 to frame 8 to be in front of the body. Again, I can’t find any keyframes to indicate these layers have been moved.

I had a similar problem on my own Karate Rabbit scene that I’ve been using to work the tutorials. I wound up keyframing the z-nudge of the popping parts to make it look consistent. But there were no keyframes on the z position of those parts to begin with, although the z position settings were sometimes different from frame to frame. In the tutorial file, the z position settings for the arm parts, the body, and the pegs do not appear to change, or I am missing something. Please help!

I’d like to know why this is happening in the Tutorial file and if it’s something that anyone else has experienced. Is it a bug in the software? Is it peg-related? Can layers move in space without being keyframed? What do I need to do to keep the parts from moving without my knowledge?

I am new to Toon Boom and have very limited Flash experience, so please help me understand. Thank you!!


Hi Lilly,I downloaded the tutorial pack on March 15th. On your suggestion I just downloaded Tutorial Pack 9 Sample Material again and saved it to a different directory. When I load the scene for 53Rigging from today’s download I don’t see any artwork in it at all, although the layers are all listed. Would saving it to a different directory affect the artwork? I did not want to override what I downloaded on March 15 because it was working other than the problem of the layers moving without being keyframed.I had this problem (no artwork) the first time I downloaded Tutorial Pack 9 material on March 9th. I posted on the forum about that problem and got a reply from Francois (fgrossin) on March 15 saying I should re-download the material. I did, and it was working well until I started Chapter 53:Rigging.Thank you for any insight.Michelle

Hi Michelle,Sorry about this issue.We will look into it asap.Marie-Eve

How long ago did you download the tutorial pack? I know that they made some adjustments to the pack within the past couple of weeks so you can try to re-download and see if you see the same thing.

If you do then I can download the pack and see if I can see the same thing that you do, and try to explain it. :slight_smile: