Animate 2 OSX 10.9

Hello Everyone!.

I tried installing my copy of Animate 2 on Mac Mavericks. Its not opening at all. The icon bounces and the program freezes. Does anybody know if program can run on 10.9?

Thank you

You probably neglected to return the license when you wiped your computer and wiped the license along with it. But if that’s not the case and you’re stuck,
contact support to have a look.

OSX in general and Antivirus softwares on Windows and can be pretty zealous in what they interpret as malware; often they flag the license activation Wizard as being malware and lock it down.

So I downloaded what I would assume is the updated version since it is currently the year 2015 now. I have tried opening it by Command-clicking to no luck. I have also tried the Product Code repair that was suggested. It still just bounces. I’m at a loss. Before I wiped my computer I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, with no luck.

Animate 2 should run on 10.9, it’s for Yosemite they have issues.

You should ask to

Here is a pertinent thread with some information from Lilly of TB and other user’s experiences:

Here is a user describing how his experience of Animate 2 has been stable on Mavericks.